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Ms. Ann Marie Perone-Founder of Body Rocks
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The Purpose of the BODY ROCKS Program is to promote positive body image and eating disorders awareness in our schools and communities. BODY ROCKS is a peer education group devoted to promoting positive body image and eating disorders awareness in our schools and community.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Children's Body Image Foundation

I've had the opportunity to speak with David Wilson, a Board Member of The Children’s Body-Image Foundation. The Children’s Body-Image Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization and was established in March 2009.

The Children's Body-Image Foundation believes that all children should feel good about themselves by striving to help children build self-esteem and self-confidence by raising body image awareness and educating the public. I LOVE THIS! We are advocates for all children. We all can promote & provide educational as well as financial resources for families if we work together.

Their organization highlights the fact that certain medical conditions and traumas can also have a negative effect on a child’s sense of self, both physical and or psychological. Some of the conditions we serve are: clubfeet, pediatric cancers, alopecia (hair loss), amputation, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and other related conditions. Allied healthcare services needs vary and include such services as: professional counseling, braces/supportive devices (durable medical equipment/DME), physical therapy rehabilitation, prosthetics, and other related services. Helping children establish healthy habits that include nutrition and fitness education are also key components in developing a lifetime of better health.

To help support Children's Body- Image Foundation, please contact David Wilson by e-mail at or visit

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to speak and work with this organization. It is nice to see others doing the same thing my own heart is after, RAISING AWARENESS!

Have a great Monday!

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