Ms. Ann Marie Perone-Founder of Body Rocks

Ms. Ann Marie Perone-Founder of Body Rocks
Ms. Perone & her daughter Emilee
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The Purpose of the BODY ROCKS Program is to promote positive body image and eating disorders awareness in our schools and communities. BODY ROCKS is a peer education group devoted to promoting positive body image and eating disorders awareness in our schools and community.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Body Rocks Club Info

Valley High School, Las Vegas, Nevada
Established 2006


Body Rocks was founded by Ann Marie Perone in 2005. Ms. Perone started this club as she experienced many students having body image and or eating disorders issues in our schools and little resources were available.

Ms. Perone also has a daughter and found research interesting on the affects of body image and eating disorders in young children. With this research, it encouraged her even more so to start something different in the schools. Ms. Perone implemented National Eating Disorders Awareness Week at Valley High School in 2005, planning and implementing this day on her own. Ms. Perone recalls the many students who had no idea what an eating disorder was labeled as, and how many students actually took part in this day by education themselves. She realized that she needed students efforts and assistance to make body rocks successful. Shortly after, she created the name “Body Rocks”. Ms. Perone would someday like to copyright her program and travel around the world to other schools to speak to students about the importance of body image and eating disorders awareness.


Currently our club consists of a President, Vice President and Treasurer.
*67 members (11 which are boys at the Junior or Senior High level). Not all members have an ED or Body Image Issues.

*All fundraiser money is used to help host awareness activities in VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL and purchase awareness products. Body Rocks sells buttons, T Shirts, and Love Your Body Bracelets.

* Every year, Body Rocks hosts Love Your Body Day, Eating Disorders Awareness Week and End Fat Talk Day.

*A request to the State of Nevada Department of Education 2007 – “Body Image or Love Your Body Day” and “Eating Disorders Awareness Week” to be implemented in all Nevada schools. To date, this has not been approved or “required”.

*Supported by several local therapists as well as other activists in this area.

*UNLV Body Image Study on all Freshman Health students completed and published in 2006 in Eating Disorder Prevention Research: A Meta-Analysis. Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention.

* Body Rocks Members read positive self esteem books to students from K-6 students followed by a self esteem activity.

* “Media Images and Photoshop Retouching” lessons and activities with CCSD Middle School Students.

* Junior League-Kids in the Kitchen Nutrition Activity 2009

* Jenni Schaefer Event Invitation and Center for Change-Spring 2010

*Jean Drive- “Be comfortable in your own GENES” (all jeans are donated to local shelters)

All BR members are required to pay a $5 fee which covers crafts and or activities. All BR members are also REQUIRED to purchase a T Shirt. All BR members that are Seniors, receive a “cord”. Note: Many of our members are a part of BR because they want to make a difference in our school by raising awareness and/or have a friend or family member that may experience any of these issues. This club is open to BOYS and GIRLS.

For more information on how to raise awareness in your school or community, e-mail Ms. Perone at or check out our facebook page bodyrockslasvegas

We are so glad you have taken the time to see what we are all about!

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